Thursday, July 27, 2017

Let me sit down for a damn minute
A fun rhyme for tired parents

Let me sit down for a damn minute, please.
You do not need more cheese.
Nor a snack nor a nibble;
No, you can't eat the dog's kibble.
I do not want to carry you,
Your pounds are many, not a few.

I do not want to sing to you,
I do not want to say another moo.
Old McDonald can keep his farm.
Just let me sit down, and your stuffed animals will not be harmed.

I do not want to walk around,
I will not leap nor bound.
Kiss your own boo boo ouch,
I am glued to this couch.

I want to read a magazine or book,
I do not want to heed your 'look!'
I want to sit, be still a spell,
Please don't make me yell!

I'd like some quiet, some peace!
Not another pretend doll feast.
I do not want to play with your train,
If you keep this up, I won't be sane!

Hands and knees, on the floor
That's really such a bore.
Can't we sit and watch a movie?
Without a tune, catchy and groovy?

Please don't cry!
I'm sorry, you aren't allowed to fly.
Not from the roof, at least.
Please don't act like such a beast!

Is it nap time yet?
That's usually a safe bet
For a quick little rest,
For both of us, it's for the best!

That's right, close your eyes.
Breathe deeply and sigh.
I love you most,
From coast to coast.
Enjoy your sleep,
Please don't make a peep.

Ah, peace and quiet.
A serenity; you can't buy it.
A comfy seat for the first time all day,
Or maybe even since last May!

Ding dong!
What fool is at the door?
When I'm done with them, they'll surely be sore!

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