Saturday, April 2, 2016

Memory Scents

Memory Scents

Cigarette smoke and sweet perfume
A dab of hairspray and a slash of lipstick
Fancy powder and a dash of vanilla
Simple smells alone can be pungent
But together they formed a soft cloud
Clinging to soft sweaters,
Paired with bold jewelry.
From when I was small until
She was no longer as tall,
This combination of scents offered comfort
Whether sniffled in during a hug from a seemingly dangerous fall,
Or just briefly, though lovingly, inhaled
When changing sheets after too short a visit
This wondrous combination can't be replicated,
Only worn by the woman vastly loved
Who responded to Grams.

A sizzle as bacon hits the pan,
The gurgle of coffee finishing it's drip,
A half embrace from the figure at the stovetop.
A hint of cough drop, 
The last remnants clicking against teeth
Worn and stained from a lifetime of delicious meals
Shared with family and friends until one evening becomes the next morning.

A hint of minty lotion
To soothe aching muscles
That telltale cough drop 
And a bit of smoke
Huddled under an awning
With rain on the horizon.

How little time we get
With those we love
But their essence can appear
On a soft summer's breeze
Reminding you so gently
Of the love you've always felt.

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