Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11 poem

An Ode to Coffee

Oh, dear coffee.
Sweet nectar of life.
The single scent of you
Brings my feet to the ground
Each morning.
Your warm, full aroma wafts
From room to room,
Following me in an invisible stream
As I carry my half full cup throughout
The house.

A single sip can sustain me
Through morning routines 
Another stolen sip
Gives me the strength to change the
Squirmy babe.
While the day wears on
My need for you often grows.
The older I get, 
The more I love you,
The more I need you,
Oh coffee, my coffee.

April 10 poem

The days are long
But the years are short
Let them be little
Enjoy them
It goes by so fast
You're going to miss this.

Strangers share these bits of wisdom
Along crowded sidewalks
And in narrow grocery aisles
I smile and nod
For I know it's true:
They're small for only so long.

So I don't mind much
When little limbs are tangled
In my sheets, 
Pulling covers or kicking knees.
When a boo-boo needs a quick kiss
I'll happily oblige
I never know when they'll no longer
Need so much of me so often.
But I love these snuggles,
Wet kisses and gleeful smiles.

One day far away,
I may see a young mom
With her hands quite full,
With littles running around her.
I may surprise myself,
Smile and say,
The days are long,
But the years are short.

April 9 Poem

Haiku Day

Spring has arrived,
With plenty of sunshine and
Fresh flowers blooming.

Friday, April 8, 2016

National poetry month: The Disney Way

It's easy to be dark,
In a world so often stormy.
It takes courage to see the light,
To sing your way to brightness.
Walt took a leap,
From the silence of black and white 
To the crashing orchestra of color.
It led generations through times of turmoil,
From a fatal apple to a poisoned spindle,
He taught us how to overcome death:
With love, faith, and trust.

From a fiery mermaid to a gentle beast,
The stories they spun taught us well:
Believe in yourself,
Be kind,
Stand up for what is right,
Put no stock in stereotypes,
Age doesn't equal wisdom,
Never give up your voice,
Fight for what you believe in,
Have faith in your dreams,
Be the one to light the way,
And lead others along, the Disney way.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

National poetry month: 6

The Magic of Books

Each story, each book
Is like a dear friend 
With pages upon pages 
Of adventure and discovery 
Of learning and falling a little 
Bit in love
With characters and stories
You'll savor and remember.

Line after line
The images take form
With surprises and mysteries galore.
We watch our new friends
Toil and fall
Powerless to help
But shouting in our heads.

The last page of a
Great book is always
A bit bittersweet 
As goodbyes often here
But you can always return 
To this mystical world
With one little flick
Of a worn cover.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Be the Good

There is so much darkness
In the world today
It almost seems
As though the sun has moved away.

Death and tragedy 
Cruelty and fear
What kind of world
Will my children know?

Kindness and compassion
Love and caring
Watching out for those
Who may need a hand up
These are the lessons we try to teach
To help brighten the world
A little bit at a time.

Improving a day
For even one person
Makes the sun shine brighter
And lessens the load
Be the good
You wish to see
And you'll see more good
Along the way


I wonder who my son will be
While he's lying next to me.
Will he fight for what is right
Using his intellect and his might?

Will he stand up for the timid and shy?
Or watch silently as long as he's passed by?
Raising a small boy
Into a strong man
Is no easy endeavor 
But strive and try
Toil and teach
That's a momma's job
Never ending and often quite hard.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunbeams and dandelions

Sunbeams bounce and dance in the wind
A gail of laughter lilts and descends
Frothy white seeds float in the air
A summer's day spent without a care.
Little feet splish and splash
Light reflects off of windshields with a bright flash
A small smile flits across a young face
As wind caresses their skin during a drive without haste.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Memory Scents

Memory Scents

Cigarette smoke and sweet perfume
A dab of hairspray and a slash of lipstick
Fancy powder and a dash of vanilla
Simple smells alone can be pungent
But together they formed a soft cloud
Clinging to soft sweaters,
Paired with bold jewelry.
From when I was small until
She was no longer as tall,
This combination of scents offered comfort
Whether sniffled in during a hug from a seemingly dangerous fall,
Or just briefly, though lovingly, inhaled
When changing sheets after too short a visit
This wondrous combination can't be replicated,
Only worn by the woman vastly loved
Who responded to Grams.

A sizzle as bacon hits the pan,
The gurgle of coffee finishing it's drip,
A half embrace from the figure at the stovetop.
A hint of cough drop, 
The last remnants clicking against teeth
Worn and stained from a lifetime of delicious meals
Shared with family and friends until one evening becomes the next morning.

A hint of minty lotion
To soothe aching muscles
That telltale cough drop 
And a bit of smoke
Huddled under an awning
With rain on the horizon.

How little time we get
With those we love
But their essence can appear
On a soft summer's breeze
Reminding you so gently
Of the love you've always felt.

Friday, April 1, 2016

National Poetry Month

Since April is National Poetry month, I've decided to post a new original poem here each day.  Feel free to share your own creations in the comments. Happy poetry month!

Today's poem is a tad mushy, as I've suddenly realized how brief childhood is. So excuse my dip into the sappy side of motherhood. I promise there will be a Disney poem this month :)

Moments and Memories

There are days I wish I could film every moment,
Each laugh, spin, pretend, and comment.
But how would I watch all these hours of magic?
Of laughter, and learning, and growing and challenges?
Each day you're a little different,
Bigger and smarter,
A little more you and who you will be,
In the days far ahead when you're no longer beside me.
So often these days,
You're my second shadow,
Always trailing behind,
Or peeking around,
A little mop of hair and bright green eyes,
Always watching, with a secret smile that's never a surprise.

Yet even as you grow closer to walking into your own life,
A little tug,
A request for a hug,
And once again you're a wee babe in my arms,
Not this young man, already full of charms.

I love you more and more each moment, at the end of each night.
The tears and the tantrums, I can't say I'll miss.
But the snuggles, cuddles, and each random kiss,
I'll cherish each one;
For those I'll always miss.