Monday, July 23, 2012

The Phonetic Alphabet--Disneyfied

There has been a sadness in my life since (re)Discovering Disney was completed. It's as though something has been...missing. That something is my metal pair of Disney glasses. My weekly infusion of Disney animation kept me looking at the world through Disney shades, and in an attempt to recapture that, I watched Beauty and the Beast yesterday and composed this phonetic alphabet, Disney style (since I can never remember the standard Alpha-Beta one) (Well, I forget what comes after Beta) (Oops, I think it's Charlie, Delta, then I don't know. So you see my need for a Disney version). Being indecisive, some letters have multiple options. If you want one I didn't think of, put it in the comments!

A- Aurora, Ariel, Aladdin
B- Beast, Bambi, Belle
C- Cruella, Cogsworth
D-De Vil
E- Esmeralda, Eric
F- Flounder, Faline (Bambi's love interest)
G- Gaston, Genie
H- Hercules, Hugo (Hunchback Gargoyle), Hook
I- Iago
J- Jasmine, Jafar
K- Khan (Mulan's horse), Kanga
L- Lady, Lumiere
M- Mufasa, Mulan, Mushu, Mickey
N- Nala
O- Owl (Winnie the Pooh)
P- Pocahontas, Pumbaa, Pinocchio
Q- Quasimodo
R- Rafiki
S- Simba, Sarabi
T- Timon, Tinkerbell
U- Ursula
V- Vanessa (Ursula's disguise)
W- Walt, Winnie the Pooh
Y- Yeti (Monster's Inc)
Z- Zazu

That's all I've got-- I couldn't find a single Disney thing that started with X! So help me out-- what Disney character's name starts with X?


  1. Although not technically correct, employees at Walt Disney Travel use the word "Expialidocious" for "x"

  2. Its actually x-men even though thats not one character

  3. x-men is not disney, they do not own x-men